About this Podcast

Welcome to the official "home" of The Noemon Podcast - The only game-focused podcast in the Greek language! We are currently entering our 5th year of the show and we can say that we are in absolutely no rush to slow down! 

So, who is this "Noemon" guy:  

Well, for starters I am Greek, but I have lived for years in several Westernized countries. I have been involved with Game very seriously since 2007, when I first read "The Game" (been reading it almost every year since then).

I specialize in Social Game, which I find gives me pretty good in combination with my age, looks, status and general skills. 

If you want  to send a question for the podcast OR if you want to be considered as a possible candidate for one of the (rare) interviews featured - contact me through the email at the contact page 

Until then - "Don't hate the Player OR the Game" 🙂